Twos and Fours
Living, Breathing, Screaming Jazz?

Twos and Fours is the ever-growing, monstrous baby of Julio Monterrey. Drenched in the history of jazz, this evolving architecture changes the shape of music by incorporating performance art, pastiches of projected collage ‘scores,’ samples and slides that push the musical envelope into the future, while maintaining an ever-present homage to heritage. I am proud to have been the co-founder of this project. Julio and I grew up together in Miami, Florida and have been playing and performing together for over two decades. Julio and I held recency in a bar called Coco 66 for over 6 years. In which we had been giving the freedom to transform the space into a new art installation each week. This would become the incubator for something very unique and be one of the things I’m proudest to have been involved in. Later we would be asked to infiltrate other spaces throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Though the last few years Julio (now a LA resident) and I have been living in opposite sides of the country. The spirit of Twos and Fours is still very much alive and waiting for its next gathering.

 Album out on Concierge Records (2015)