Reggie Watkins
Trombonist, Composer and Arranger

I first meet Reggie in Brooklyn, NY sometime in 2003. I was playing a show with pianist Frank LoCrasto, drummer Tommy Crain and bassist Bob Deboo. My good friend Julio Monterrey (alto saxophonist) was in town with Maynard Ferguson’s band and brought with him fellow band mate and trombonist Reggie Watkins. It was a very festive night being I hadn't seen Julio in some time. Reggie, who was also the musical director of the Big Bop Nouveau Band would later vouch for me to join Maynard's group the following year, starting a great musical friendship.

Steeped in the tradition of jazz Reggie is one of the most exciting musicians I have the pleasure of knowing. I’ve learned more from him than I can share. I’ve also gotten to write two compositions for his second album One For Miles, One For Maynard as well as appear on and co-produce his third album Avid Admirer.


Jimmy Knepper

Reggie Watkins released - Avid Admirer in 2016 (BYNK Records). Paying homage to the music of trombonist Jimmy Knepper

Stifel Fine Arts Center September 2015 Reggie Watkins - Trombone, Matt Parker - Sax, Jeff Lashway - Piano, Tony Depaolis - Bass, Poogie Bell - Drums

The Keystone Jazz Collective performs an original Julio Monterrey Game Card. Matt Parker - Saxophone, Reggie Watkins - Trombone, Luke Carlos O'Reilly - Piano, Nimrod Speaks - Bass, George Heid III - Drums, Composer - Julio Monterrey