Reggie Watkins - Trombonist, Composer and Arranger

I first meet Reggie in Brooklyn, NY sometime in 2003. I was playing a show with pianist Frank LoCrasto, drummer Tommy Crain and bassist Bob Deboo. My good friend Julio Monterrey (alto saxophonist) was in town with the Maynard Ferguson band and brought with him fellow band mate and trombonist Reggie Watkins. It was a very festive night being I hadn't seen Julio in some time. Reggie, who was also the musical director of the Big Bop Nouveau Band would later vouch for me to join Maynard's group the following year, starting a great musical friendship.

With Maynard Ferguson
M.F. Horn VI: Live At Ronnie’s (2006)

Reggie Watkins
One For Miles, One For Maynard (Corona2014)
Avid Admirer (BYNK Records 2016)