**** "Something fresh is afoot on tenor saxophonist Matt Parker’s impressive debut, Worlds Put Together .… Restlessly inventive … This promising debut makes him an album-maker to keep tabs on."
—Josef Woodard, DownBeat
Album of the Year: "Even given the expanded definition of what is “real” jazz, Worlds Put Together often comes right up to my imaginary fence that separates this music from the avant-garde. Parker’s big, scary, emotional tone sometimes conjures up the spirit of Albert Ayler. … But Parker is more like Ayler without creating the urge to reach for Excedrin; there’s joy and fun in everything he does. … Parker dutifully worships at the mantle of tradition (he sublimely covers “Darn That Dream”) but then turns it on its ear. … Or is that “knocks it on its ass”? Either way, it’s a joy ride from one corner of the idiom to the opposite one."
—S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews
"Crazily exuberant and undeniably soulful. … Some tracks go flying off the rails, but that just makes it more exciting. Just a very fun album. Find of the Week."
—Dave Sumner, Bird Is the Worm
"Parker succeeds admirably in demonstrating an abiding reverence for jazz’s heritage without being overly shackled by its conventions."
—Seton Hawkins, Hot House
"What makes Worlds Put Together an accomplished and brilliant release is its ingenuity and its inventiveness. Parker has arrived on the creative music scene a fully formed artist—one with his own unique voice and singular vision."
—Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz
"A warmly swinging showcase for his breathy, Ben Webster-esque flow."
—Time Out New York
"Parker can’t be pigeonholed into just one tradition. … The saxophonist sounds comfortable promenading down multiple paths."
—Mark Corroto, All About Jazz
"Matt Parker may well be one of the most original and exciting tenor players to arrive on the scene in a decade. An inspiring performance!"
—Brent Black, Critical Jazz