Music for the future?

What's New - Teo Macero and Billy Prince (1956) Columbia

This is the best 45 minutes I have spent listening to music in a long time. There is so much going on here I wanted to share.

Teo Macero and Billy Prince team up to make a fantastic album.

Teo Macero, the legendary producer for Columbia Records also happens to be an incredible saxophonist and composer.

This thoughtfully challenging statement was pushing music forward of its time, so far ahead that listening to it now I ask myself am I still hearing music written for a future audience?

1956! are you kidding me!? This is what people were writing 62 years ago? This album is 2 years before Ornette Colman releasing his debut album (Something Else!!!) and 3 years after Charles Mingus Octet records Blue Tide (Debut) in which Teo takes one of my favorite solos. Side note: Teo released his first album Explorations on Debut Records.

Billy Prince is special as well. Till recently I’ve only known him as the arranger and conductor for one of my go-to albums Desmond Blue with Paul Desmond (1962)

Prince is someone totally worth digging into. His compositions are lush and expansive. I’ve found some clips of his work with choreographer Jerome Robbins. I'll be delving into Billy Prince more soon.

All of this music makes a strong case for where today’s music coming from and where it is going. I personally hear this collection of sounds and feel the irresistible urge to learn about music more than ever before. Never to be mistaken as someone who thinks that the best music has already been written. However, all the life-changing sounds that have been documented are here for us to admire, be inspired by, and learn from. I love where music is today and am excited about what music will be written tomorrow. I plan on making sure I’m part of that future and encourage you to do the same.

Stay tuned for future posts where I’ll elaborate more on Debut Records and its importance to me later this year.