Paying mind to our minds

Write down what you want to accomplish, Big and small.

I've found keeping my goals in front of me helps the most.

Think of it like this, we are our home computer, our brains are our hard drive. Our ideas are the files that we want to save onto our drive. The bigger the idea, the larger the file size. I'm sure you have seen these images or something similar.


If you don't back up your computer and keep adding content to your drive, it will stop working correctly. The mouse starts lagging, windows don't open as quickly. Till eventually, the computer freezes or even worse it will crash. Our brain is much more complicated than a computer, but if we get in the habit of backing up our ideas offline, this will free up space for more active thinking.

We go through each day thinking away with no regulations at all. Paying mind to our minds is a must if we hope to accomplish the big tasks in our life.

Writing down goals is the most significant step and sometimes the hardest step to make in fulfilling our purpose.